Employee Recruiting – the easy way!

Over the last year, several of my client companies were growing so fast that they found themselves suddenly in need of new qualified employees.   Anyone that hires knows what a tedious process it is to recruit online, track them through the hiring pipeline, and gauge the best applicants in order to reach a decision.  When I got tasked with finding the best solution to turn this nightmare into a streamlined approach, naturally I started looking for the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) out there. In the end, tried and tested over a dozen different top ATS software solutions in my quest to cut the time and hassle of recruitment and tracking of applicants for my clients.

As you can guess, my clients wanted an ATS that gave them every bell and whistle available, so I found myself neck deep in spreadsheets.  There are so many functions an ATS can offer a small company that doing comparisons between them was months of work in itself.   The variables that can be compared are dizzying, at best.  I began comparing ease of use,price, ROI, how many job sites they post to, number of positions that can be tracked, responsiveness of their support team, email and calendar integration, automated messaging capabilities, security, federal compliance, source reporting, interview and assessment tracking, and more.

Because my clients were serious about finding a good fit, we subscribed to and then cancelled quite a few ATS sites along the way.   Not all ATS systems offer a free trial and the ones that do often limit what capabilities you can try.   More than a few ATS systems are prohibitive in price for small companies, while others seem attractively affordable until you realize how much the up-sell add-ons are going to cost you.

In the end, we ended up choosing JazzHR, as they provide the most bang for the buck, complete with a user-friendly front and back-end interface. It is truly a powerful and easy to use applicant tracking system that organizes all of your information in one, centralized place.

I was so impressed with JazzHR that when their Channel Account Manager offered me partnership status, I jumped at the opportunity.  So, what’s so cool about that? Being a partner with JazzHR allows me to offer my expertise of ATS setup (Heaven knows I’ve done it a bunch!) to medium to small companies at no charge.  This means that I can setup a free trial and have any business ready to start recruiting in a matter of hours.  If they’re happy with their results and stay with the system after the trial, then JazzHR pays me for bringing them onboard.  Therefore, if your company needs some recruiting help and doesn’t know where to begin, I can at least get you started quickly, easily, and free of charge. 

Another reason I am willing to invest unpaid time to this is because of my confidence in the staff at JazzHR.  Not only have their programmers created a user intuitive interface, but their support staff is a truly hands-on group of people.  They offer weekly live training webinars, are responsive about support questions, and are easy to reach on the telephone! There is also a fantastic knowledge base in their self help section of their website, complete with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and videos too!  So you see, I don’t need to be terribly worried about a company cancelling after a trial, because the team at JazzHR has their back and mine!

Obviously, if you would like to set up your own free trial, you can sign up at JazzHR, right now!  However, if you are at tad overwhelmed with all the ATS craziness and need a helping hand, simply email me. I will let you know what information I need to get your rolling.  There is no catch, and certainly no bait and switch tactics. Seriously, even if you are an employee who suddenly got tasked with the daunting task of streamlining online recruitment, please feel free to ask for my help.  I will get you started, and the good folks at JazzHR will make at least this part of your job as uncomplicated as they can!

Below are PDF files to help you learn more about JazzHR:

  • Hiring & Recruiting — Simple overview of what JazzHR is and what it does. 
  • Streamline Your Interview Process — Details as to all the functions available at each stage of the hiring process.
    • HERO — Their lowest priced option is $39 per month for 3 job openings.
    • PLUS — The mid-range package of $149 per month includes unlimited job openings and additional handy tools.
    • PRO — This package includes  a robust set of features, including document signing.


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