11696417_10207025549423337_9203299155092391833_oMy world is full of computer geeks, and interestingly the most tech savvy person I know just happens to be my son.

Here’s a few highlights of Cory Golden’s skill sets:

  • C based programming languages(C/C++, C#, Java, D, PHP, Node.js)
  • Scripting languages (Lua, Python, Ruby, and AngelScript)
  • Integration of third party libraries and services
  • Knowledge in building game engines and tools
  • Artistic capability in Pixel art, 3D modeling, and texturing
  • Proficient in CMake, Git and GitHub
  • Experience in building and maintaining computers
  • Cross platform experience in Windows, Unix, Linux, BSD and OS X

Some of the projects he has helped me on include:

  • Making a link checker for a client website
  • Integrated a credit card processor into a client website
  • Set up shopping carts on client websites
  •  Programmed an online invoice payment system
  • Programmed an online road side assistance payment system
  • Created a IOS contract app that allows sales managers to get contracts signed without paper
  • Made a java applet that allows a client to upload only photos that are 300 DPI or better

Cory’s Links:  GetHubLinkedIn

In short, if a client has needs beyond my knowledge — we’ve got that covered too!

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