“Ylice is one of the best graphic designers I have ever come across.”
~Nicolette Toussaint, Editor, Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine


“Ylice  maintains my website and handles my newsletters.  Not only is she an artist, but she’s a great editor.  Ylice responds to my needs immediately.  I never have to worry if I’m going to get something out on time. Professional,  prompt, attention to detail,  friendly, and  reasonable.  I don’t want to recommend her too much or she’ll get too busy and not have enough time for my work!”  ~Tory Thomas, Broker, Past Aspen Board of Realtors President and 2015 Aspen Realtor of the Year, ToryThomas.net

10857105_10206232377234528_5708158926514099304_o“I worked with Ylice Golden directly over the course of 2015 in a publishing enterprise we were both involved in. Ylice demonstrated an amazing ability with art and creative design. Her ability to create pleasing and effective customer advertisements and her understanding of page layouts and graphic artistry was integral to the success of our business. Ylice is incredibly skilled in the use of InDesign software and her knowledge and understanding of the subtleties of the publishing industry is the most well-rounded that I’ve ever encountered. It was an honor to work with and learn from her.”
Justin Teenor, Business Acceptance Tester/Analyst, Connect for Health Colorado


PachyHeadshot“Ylice Golden is excellent at Graphic and Web Design. Her keen sensibility and work ethics are innovative and she is extremely intelligent. I enjoy working with her and always find myself in awe of her creative direction.” ~ Apachula Badoni Hursey, Commercial Photographer

car“Ylice has done creative and marketing work for me since the nineties and administrates multiple domains for my company.  She has designed everything from business cards to web sites for my business; I’ve even had her design car wraps and truck signs.  She’s smart, and always offers me fast and affordable solutions.” ~Jim Kolea, President | CEO, PennFleet Corp

kane“I have worked with Ylice on multiple projects over the years. She brings a lot of skills, ideas and commitment to everything she works on. Ylice is able to quickly deliver results for web and design projects covering a wide range of graphic styles. Additionally, she has experience with online promotion, marketing and advertising that can help small businesses as they look to increase their online presence.”
~ Kane Dijkman, Engineering Project Manager, Apple

431465_3331193434458_1757137562_n“Ylice has been such a great resource for my practice. She has always provided exactly the expertise I have needed right when I needed it. She is truly a professional, and her eye for design is superb.”  ~Jody Powell, Naturopathic Doctor & Classical Homeopath

QueenB-Final_Page_1 QueenB-Final_Page_2

“Ylice Golden has provided Queen B Salon with beautiful graphics and magazine ads for 3 years. She is professional and gets the job done!”
~Rita Bellino, Queen B Salon


“I have known Ylice for over 30 years. She is your go to person when you need some creative solutions to ANYTHING! She is upbeat, positive, and possesses awesome techy skills. She is good at working independently, or as a team player. Recently, I needed something quickly and shot Ylice an email. In minutes she had grasped the situation and got the project complete in less than a day. If you use Ylice for any of your business needs, as she will always have your back!” ~KK German, Wainwright Real Estate

#4“Ylice Golden set up and has maintained my websites over the last 3 years. She has been helpful in training me how to do upkeep on my site and stay organized. She’s taught me how to post events, share my media, do blogging, and how to get recognized by search engines as a Spanish guitarist in the Roaring Fork Valley. I am happy to say that the online marketing strategies that she’s taught me have been very successful.” ~ Chris Phillips, ChrisPhillipsGuitar

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.06.41 PM“Thanks so much for getting the Heather’s ad in in a timely manner! Emphasizing the high rating and reviews from TripAdvisor was a wise choice. And thanks for the great photos!” ~Matthew Piccolo, Account Executive, ColoradoInfo.com; Regarding ad design for Heather’s Savory Pies and photo submissions for the 2016 Basalt Guide.

robin-waters“Thanks for being so generous with your top notch portfolio Ylice, and for your enduring support of Basalt.” ~Robin Waters, President | CEO at Basalt Colorado Chamber of Commerce

1509247_10203290220286656_5578440911493603387_n“Ylice is one of the most dedicated people in the business I know. Over the years, if I needed help on a project, I knew I could always count on her expertise and knowledge of not only web design, but how SEO works. Her ability to resolve problems that arise is uncanny. I highly recommend Ylice.” ~ Keith Ballentine, Musical Composer

medical-id-store“Ylice Golden has done excellent web design and brochures for my company. I highly recommend her.” ~ Renee Norman, President | CEO at Medicalidstore.com

FullSizeRender-3“Ylice is a personable, hardworking lady who did not give up on our project even though it was tricky. She really cared about our needs and went the extra mile for us.” ~ Leah Kenyon, Endless Possibilities

b-strong“Ylice Golden put together our web site when our nonprofit organization first started. She was a great communicator and worked quickly to get us up and running. I highly recommend Ylice for all your web site needs.” ~ Tracy Ehleben, President at B-Strong Foundation

Aspen440“Ylice has done targeted online email marketing and social network campaigns through Heather’s Savory Pies & Tapas bar, whereby she has helped with Aspen 440’s exposure and brought attention to the overall music scene in the Roaring Fork Valley.” ~ Amy Hawes, Aspen440



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